Olympic Records

Here are the latest Olympic Records (scroll down for Women’s records)


Class (kg)Class (lb)EventWeight (kg)Weight (lb)NameNationGamesDate
56 kg123Snatch138303Halil MutluTurkey (TUR)00 Sydney9/16/00
56 kg123Clean and jerk168369Halil MutluTurkey (TUR)00 Sydney9/16/00
56 kg123Total305672Halil MutluTurkey (TUR)00 Sydney9/16/00
62 kg137Snatch153336Shi ZhiyongChina (CHN)04 Athens8/16/04
62 kg137Clean and jerk178391No record
62 kg137Total325717Nikolay PechalovCroatia (CRO)00 Sydney9/17/00
69 kg152Snatch165364Georgi MarkovBulgaria (BUL)00 Sydney9/20/00
69 kg152Clean and jerk195430Galabin BoevskiBulgaria (BUL)00 Sydney9/20/00
69 kg152Total358788Galabin BoevskiBulgaria (BUL)00 Sydney9/20/00
77 kg170Snatch173380Taner SagirTurkey (TUR)04 Athens8/19/04
77 kg170Clean and jerk208457Zhan XugangChina (CHN)00 Sydney9/22/00
77 kg170Total375827Taner SagirTurkey (TUR)04 Athens8/19/04
85 kg187Snatch185408Andrei RybakouBelarus (BLR)08 Beijing8/15/08
85 kg187Clean and jerk215474No record
85 kg187Total394869Andrei RybakouBelarus (BLR)08 Beijing8/15/08
94 kg207Snatch188413Milen DobrevBulgaria (BUL)04 Athens8/23/08
94 kg207Clean and jerk228502No record
94 kg207Total415915No record
105 kg231Snatch200441Andrei AramnauBelarus (BLR)08 Beijing8/18/08
105 kg231Clean and jerk236520Andrei AramnauBelarus (BLR)08 Beijing8/18/08
105 kg231Total436961Andrei AramnauBelarus (BLR)08 Beijing8/18/08
105+ kg231+Snatch213468Hossein RezazadehIran (IRI)00 Sydney9/26/00
105+ kg231+Clean and jerk264581Hossein RezazadehIran (IRI)04 Athens8/25/04
105+ kg231+Total4731042Hossein RezazadehIran (IRI)00 Sydney9/26/00


Class (kg)Class (lb)EventWeight (kg)Weight (lb)NameNationGamesDate
48 kg106Snatch98215Nurcan TaylanTurkey (TUR)04 Athens8/14/04
48 kg106Clean and jerk117258Chen XiexiaChina (CHN)08 Beijing8/9/08
48 kg106Total212467Chen XiexiaChina (CHN)08 Beijing8/9/08
53 kg117Snatch100220Yang XiaChina (CHN)00 Sydney9/18/00
53 kg117Clean and jerk126278P. Jaroenratt...Thailand (THA)08 Beijing8/10/08
53 kg117Total225496Yang XiaChina (CHN)00 Sydney9/18/00
58 kg128Snatch108237Chen YanqingChina (CHN)04 Athens8/16/04
58 kg128Clean and jerk138304Chen YanqingChina (CHN)08 Beijing8/11/08
58 kg128Total244538Chen YanqingChina (CHN)08 Beijing8/11/08
63 kg139Snatch115254Hanna BatsiushkaBelarus (BLR)04 Athens8/18/04
63 kg139Clean and jerk135298Nataliya SkakunUkraine (UKR)04 Athens8/18/04
63 kg139Total243535Chen XiaominChina (CHN)00 Sydney9/19/00
69 kg152Snatch128282Liu ChunhongChina (CHN)08 Beijing8/13/08
69 kg152Clean and jerk158348Liu ChunhongChina (CHN)08 Beijing8/13/08
69 kg152Total286631Liu ChunhongChina (CHN)08 Beijing8/13/08
75 kg165Snatch128282Cao LeiChina (CHN)08 Beijing8/15/08
75 kg165Clean and jerk154340Cao LeiChina (CHN)08 Beijing8/15/08
75 kg165Total282622Cao LeiChina (CHN)08 Beijing8/15/08
75+ kg165+Snatch140309Jang Mi-RanSouth Korea (KOR)08 Beijing8/16/08
75+ kg165+Clean and jerk186410Jang Mi-RanSouth Korea (KOR)08 Beijing8/16/08
75+ kg165+Total326719Jang Mi-RanSouth Korea (KOR)08 Beijing8/16/08

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