What is Olympic Lifting?

Olympic Lifting is an individual sport consisting of two lifts. The Clean and Jerk and The Snatch. There are different weight classes for the lifters as shown below:

Men’s weight classes:
56 kg (123 lb), 62 kg (137 lb), 69 kg (152 lb), 77 kg (170 lb), 85 kg (187 lb), 94 kg (207 lb), 105 kg (231 lb), and over 105 kg;

Women’s weight classes:
48 kg (106 lb), 53 kg (117 lb), 58 kg (128 lb), 63 kg (139 lb), 69 kg (152 lb), 75 kg (165 lb), and over 75 kg

Who runs Olympic Weightlifting?
The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) governs the sport worldwide, and is located in Budapest. However, in the United States, USA Weightlifting governs weightlifting (USAW). USAW is sanctioned by the IWF to regulate lifting in the US. Beyond that there are local weightlifting associations that govern local areas within the US.

Where do you compete?
There are many different competitions and levels of competition throughout the world. People of all ages and abilities can compete! There are a ton of local competitions throughout the world. In the United States there are also state championships. The big show is obviously the Olympics, which take place once every four years, but there is a World Championship competition in every year where an Olympics does not take place. There is also a US National Championship, as well as various worldwide annual competitions like the Panonia Cup.

Who can compete?

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