Nike Romaleos Review

by olyhq on April 28, 2011

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Nike Romaleos – $189

Rating: 10/10

The Nike Romaleo really is a great weightlifting shoe. “Romaleo” is Greek for strength and the shoes hold up to that. These shoes are big and strong. These shoes were designed by Nike for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Pros & Cons:
When you put your feet in these shoes it feels a little bit like wearing comfortable concrete boots. They are extremely stable. There is almost no movement in any direction when wearing the shoe. The foot feels very secure and stable. This shoe has a larger power bridge than many shoes, not just under the heel but down the foot as well. These shoes seems extremely durable, and it seems they will last quite awhile.

The pros to this shoe are closely related to the cons. The shoe is big, strong, and durable…which makes it very heavy. CrossFit athletes be warned…It is difficult to do many things besides Olympic lifting in these shoes. They are a bit awkward to walk in, and almost impossible to run in. These are also among the most expensive Olympic lifting shoes you will find, priced just under $200.

These fit similarly to the way Nike shoes fit. A few people even say to order these ½ a size bigger than a normal Nike. They also have a slightly more narrow fit than other Olympic lifting shoes.

10/10: These are Olympic lifting shoe reviews, and for Olympic lifting, these are a top of the line shoe designed for Olympic lifting.

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Scott Francis March 11, 2013 at 5:18 am

I recently saw a image of the Nike Romaleos II in black with red swoosh. It claimed it was custom would you know where to get them from?



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