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You have found the best place on the internet for information on Olympic Weightlifting including: Exercise demos and videos, Olympic weightlifting programs, Olympic weightlifting equipment, Olympic weightlifting shoes, Olympic weightlifting product reviews, as well as information and insightful articles and opinions on Olympic lifting.

If you are brand new to Olympic lifting you should start by learning a little bit about Olympic weightlifting…check out Olympic lifting for beginners’ page for a guide on how to get started.

For those of you who are a little more familiar with oly lifting or even those of you who compete or coach at the highest level, here is a little guide to the site…

School of Lifting
This has detailed descriptions of the Olympic lifts as well as lifts used in training for the Olympic lifts (rack pulls, snatch grip deadlifts, etc.) It also has videos and demonstrations of these movements. You will also find invaluable information on nutrition, recovery, mobility, flexibility, along with Olympic weightlifting programs.

We do our best to lead you in the right direction when it comes to any product on our site. Simply said, we will not push crap to our tribe. In our store you will find weightlifting equipment, Olympic lifting shoes, accessories, training programs, DVDs, books, supplements, and more. For more direction on what products to select check out our product reviews section.

This is the information hub of Olympic Lifting Headquarters. Here you will find product reviews, training information, information on Olympic lifters and records, motivational articles, book and DVD summaries and reviews, and much more.

This is an online forum for our tribe. Trade information and get tips from peers and coaches on this online community. Get training info, technique feedback, get help and feedback on your injuries, list and buy items from each other in the classifieds, ask a coach questions, and use our training log to record and share your workouts

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